Cute & Mundane Pillow Splash

Cute & Mundane Pillow Splash

Cute & Mundane Pillow Splash

  • DUFT: Straffende Mandarine
  • 100 % VEGAN
  • Reine Naturkosmetik
  • Tierversuchsfrei
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Mandarin stimulates appetite and promotes digestion. It has a strengthening and stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Illness or therapies often lead to loss of appetite and indigestion. But also the change of diet or meal times, changed environment, mental grief and worries can be triggers for nutritional problems.

Here you can do an abdominal massage with tangerine. To perform an abdominal massage, the massage oil is applied to the hands and distributed evenly on the stomach with both hands. Massage with both hands, gently circling clockwise.

To prevent colds and flu, it strengthens the defenses. For coughs and runny noses, it is a good additive in a cold mixture. Mandarin oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and gently regulates mucus production.

A beautiful wellness scent is the tangerine for sauna visits. Here you put 1 – 2 drops of essential oil on a trowel for the infusion water. Sauna visits are very suitable for the prevention of colds, as they strengthen the defenses.

Mental effect

The main area of application of the mandarin is in the mental realm. It strengthens resilience, promotes self-confidence, straightens up strongly and gives joy and strength to life again. Norepinephrine production can be stimulated. Norepinephrine is a chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) that activates, stimulates and stimulates the body and mind. A drop in the level of norepinephrine leads to drive weakness, inertia and defensive weakness.

Mandarin oil can also promote dopamine production. Dopamine is a chemical messenger that mobilizes, restores mental balance and gently pulls out of mental lows.

It is a nice falling asleep scent (not only for children), especially if the day was very annoying or exciting and you can not let go. To do this, add 1 – 2 drops of tangerine to a scented stone.Mandarin red soothes irritated nerves and gives warmth and security, so that you can feel protected and enveloped. As a mood-enhancing cuddly scent, it creates a small oasis of relaxation.

Spiritual effect

In its highest vibrations, mandarin oil embodies the childlike Christ energy. It helps us to connect with and heal our inner child.


200 ml


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