Bases Bathing

Alkaline bath instructions: How to bathe really alkaline!

Base bath – How it works!

ZARTGEFÜHL Basenbad Bathe is not only good for our body and especially our skin, but also has a positive effect on our mind. An extensive alkaline bath should not be less than 30 minutes of bathing time, so that you have enough time to let your soul dangle, switch off from the stressful everyday life and feel the magic of regeneration. If you've never had a alkaline bath before, take a little time to switch off and give your body a little rest from its work later on. Because there's one thing you need to know. Your body works at full speed during the base bath.

So that your alkaline bath can also be a complete success for body and mind, we have given you here a step-by-step guide for basic bathing summarized.

In front of the base bath:

  1. Do not use cosmetic products such as lotions, creams or perfume about 1 hour before the alkaline bath.
  2. Your bathroom should be heated up nice and warm beforehand so that it does not get cold too quickly in the low-kwarme bath water.
  3. You should also ensure the right mood from the outset. Your favorite music, a great book and maybe some candles will certainly complete your base bath and spa experience. Make sure your phone doesn't ring so you can only focus on yourself and your body.
  4. Have a peeling glove or special brushes ready so that you can rub your skin at regular intervals during the base bath.
  5. Imagine an alkaline drink such as .B a delicious tea and an alkaline snack next to the bathtub. A base bath can quickly make you thirsty and hungry.
  6. Then let in the bath water and add your DELICATE FEELING bath ball or a DELICATE CREAM bath.

In the bathtub:

  1. Make sure that if possible the entire body is covered by the bath water. If the water should cool, let hot bath water flow again.
  2. Rub your body with a massage glove or brush every 15 minutes. As a result, acids that have escaped from the skin are removed and other acids can move in. In addition, you remove dead skin cells and impurities in this way.
  3. Do not use conventional toiletries such as shampoos or shower baths during the bath.

After the alkaline bath:

  1. After your alkaline bath, you should rinse the skin briefly with clear water, but then only briefly pat dry with a towel.
  2. Please do not use any conventional cosmetics under any circumstances. Since the body is still working after the alkaline bath, slags and toxins continue to be transported to the surface of the skin.
  3. Wrap yourself after the Basenbad thick in a towel or bathrobe and treat yourself to peace.

The gray or black border in the bathtub comes from your dead skin cells and the toxins that your body excretes through the osmotic reaction to the TENDERNESS base bath. The darker, the better. Even if that means you have to scrub your bathtub. Always remember how great your body has healed and cleansed itself with the help of just a small bathing confection. It's definitely worth it.

Basen Baden mit ZARTGEFÜHL Sprudel Bad