Cute & Mundane Bade Diamanten

Cute & Mundane Bade Diamanten
Cute Mundane Bade Diamanten
Cute & Mundane Bade Diamanten

Cute & Mundane Bade Diamanten

  • DUFT: Straffende Mandarine
  • 100 % VEGAN
  • Reine Naturkosmetik
  • Tierversuchsfrei
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A magical experience - the ZARTGEFÜHL cream oil baths.

Do you also suffer from dry, scaly and often itchy skin? Or maybe even under neurodermatitis?

We at ZARTGEFÜHL have the solution: Simply let a small bath praline, a small bathing confectionery (you should use about 7 g of our magic bath confectionery depending on your body size) or let a bath toffee slide into the hot bath water. The luxurious vegetable oils from cocoa butter and shea butter paired with mineralizing salts and the best essential oils pamper your skin and beguile the senses. After the bath, simply dab the skin so that the valuable oils can continue to work on the skin.


Bathing not only makes you clean – but also happy!

After all, what could be better than escaping the hectic everyday life or personal stress for a few minutes and diving into your own bathtub again? Bathing can do a lot. From relaxation to invigorating, gently stimulating the circulation or getting the metabolism going. And best of all, you feel reborn afterwards. If you want to know more about base bathing, then you can here glean.

DELICATENESS Baths also give you the care your skin needs. On an absolutely natural basis. We only use pure cold-pressed vegetable oils in our ZARTGEFÜHL products. Since they are of natural origin, they are similar in their fatty acid structure to the lipids in human skin (molecular structure). The skin can therefore absorb and utilize the vegetable oils very well.

The dryness of the skin surface can thus be compensated in a natural way, the protective layer is further built. Damage caused by external influences can then be better averted. Compared to industrially produced oils, the skin can also continue to breathe freely. The metabolism is also not blocked, but can continue to work without restriction.



Cream oil baths provide the skin with valuable fats.

At the same time, ZARTGEFÜHL cream baths nourish the skin and provide a soft and supple feeling They form a sustainable protective film on the skin so that no further care is necessary after bathing. Even with neurodermatitis and psoriasis, we were able to achieve sensational success with our ZARTGEFÜHL products.

We at ZARTGEFÜHL have a principle: If you want something you've never had before... - you have to do something you've never done before.

Therefore, we can only tell you: Just try it out.


60 g

ANWENDUNGNimm 1 oder 2 Badediamanten und wirf sie in das heiße Badewasser. Die luxuriösen Pflanzenöle schmelzen im Wasser und durch Deine Bewegung werden sie verwirbelt und heften sich an der Haut an. Die Osmose kann einsetzen und die Haut entschlacken. Badedauer sollte mindestens 30 Minuten betragen. Die ätherischen Öle betören Deine Sinne und sorgen für den extra Wohlfühl Moment. Kein Eincremen mehr nötig. Haut einfach nur trocken tupfen.

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