But please with cream body butter

But please with cream body butter
But please with cream body butter

But please with cream body butter

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  • 100 % Chemikalienfrei
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We have created the invigorating body butters to lift your mood and beat stress, and to moisturize and care for your skin in the early morning or in the evening after a refreshing shower. Cocoa butter moisturizes, while the massage promotes blood circulation and improves the appearance of the skin. Our luxury shea butter caresses your skin and protects it from free radicals. Here's how it works: This solid body care was designed by us in such a way that the oils melt at body temperature.

So hold the body butter between the palms of your hands or glide directly gently over your skin or that of a loved one... You can also use the DELICATE BODY butters in the shower. To do this, briefly turn off the water and let the body butter glide gently over your damp skin. Then just dab the skin briefly. You can also blow dry. In our opinion, this gives the extra kick. Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place until you are ready for a spa treatment at home or your skin longs for an extra dose of moisture.

Note: Please note that this product may deform or melt at hot outside temperatures. By the way, we only ship our products up to an outside temperature of 25 degrees. However, you can also take the small body butters with you on the plane without hesitation. Yes, even in hand luggage. The body butter contains pure fats and oils.

Therefore, the body butter has a firm consistency and melts only on contact with the body. The classic recipe does not contain water – this makes the body butter particularly durable and no preservatives are required for production. The main components of body butter are shea butter and cocoa butter. These are rich in vitamins A and E and provide the skin with a lot of moisture and many fatty acids.

In addition, they contain natural allantoin, which supports the cell renewal of the skin and thus contributes to regeneration. Furthermore, the various products are often enriched with nourishing and high-quality oils, such as argan oil.

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But please with cream body butter
Sale price €14,95 Regular price €15,95 Save €1
€14,95/100 g
But please with cream body peeling
€9,48/100 ml
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